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We’re more than happy to welcome you to our Base of Reviews website!

We’re a bunch of computer and mobile devices enthusiasts helping out other people to stay away from all the ” Too good to be true” websites and applications that internet serves. And on the other hand, we’re also helping out to use all the safe and comfortable applications and services that meets your needs. Our website concentrates mostly on saving your hard earned money by reviewing different apps and websites that offers money or tickets for VISA, PayPal, Amazon, Ebay etc. All this goes of course in exchange of your precious time, possibly including small in-app purchases to activate your bonus or points. Hmm….

As we all know internet is full of “Get rich quick” schemes don’t we?

Everyday tens or even hundreds of websites and applications rise and gives it’s users or potential users the same S##T of becoming rich overnight or even in hours from an initial investment, normally few hundred bucks or something. Well of course if your short on cash and there’s a pile of bills to pay, it´s easy to fall into those schemes.

To be honest each and every of us here in AppsterGurus have either fell into one or more of these schemes so we really know how you feel buddy. And for that reason you propably already know the outcome of our experiences.

But we say do NOT!

IF the service, website or application, is NOT licensed by a bigger company like banks, investment platform with a long succesfull history etc., we would keep our hands off from all those. There is truly tons of opportunities on the web how to make money, but be sure to stay tuned as we will be listing many warnings and good to go’s on our site.

But that’s it for this short starter. Stay tuned every day for new posts and site updates. Soon enough we will be adding a free Forum possibility in Just one rule, keep it clean and we keep it open for everyone.

New website reviews and useful applications are coming regularly as we get our hands on those. Comments are free to drop on every post we make, and hopefully our readers like our content throughout the website.

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