Website Reviews

Hmm…. What could we put here. Ah! Bingo! :DD

Internet is full and flooding over its edges from fancy websites and even we do not know all the sites in the world that would be worth to take a look.

Does not matter what the content of the site, but if you think others might see the site usefull in someway, drop us a note and we will make a full review of the site with all the cons and pros included. Other people like other things than others…. well that sounds kinda funny, but anyways, shop, lifestyle, blog, news, whatever, we can do it. Even makeup stores will do because there is also women on our team. ;DD

As we all know this is what we do the best and we enjoy it from all of our hearts. Doing legit or scam reviews and now you can be part of it too. If you happen to see a website full of promises and it looks too good, ask us first and we take a look.

Don’t worry. We have our contacts to make the reviews without losing our precious money, (maybe because we’re all losers living in a slum of never ending winterland Finland), just kidding. 😀 We have sponsors enough to risk their few bucks in the sake of saving thousands of desperate people out there looking to have a better life.

We make things transparent without hiding a slight detail what we do. We do not take things too seriously and we also want you to relax while we do all the work for you.

You can either suggest us something to review by dropping a comment below or contacting us through our official contact form from the main menu link. Enjoy your stay and remember to relax with your loved ones.